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From: Maureen on 11/01/2005
How do i fix this......i get this when opening up Internet Explorer with my dial-up connection.........

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From: SnaKe on 11/14/2005
This non-browsing issue is usually due to one of several things. More than likely, its due to a corrupt TCP/IP stack. If you remove it and rename the 5 critical 386 files (vip.386, vtcp.386, vdhcp.386, vnbt.386, and vtdi.386), then reinstall TCP/IP, the problem should be fixed.
If not, the other thing to look at is your winsock files. Make sure you only have 2 copies: winsock.dll in C:\windows and wsock32.dll in C:\windows\system. All other winsocks/wsock32s should be renamed/deleted."

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