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 Mouse is squirely, wants to go where it wants to. Post a Reply  
From: John on 10/26/2005
My computer mouse cursor wants to move where ever it feels like. I can control it sometimes but most of the time it will not go where I point it to or it strays away across the screen.

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From: Herman on 11/23/2005
Please turn your mouse upside down.
When your mouse uses a ball, the little rollers, that are turned by the ball, and the retaining wheel get dirty.
Unscrew the ring holding the ball in the mouse, rotating it according to the arrows on it. Thummb and finger nail are usually enough to do this. And take out the ball.
You should be able to locate the retaining wheel, use a nail or a cleaning tissue to remove the dirt. Rotate it to ensure you have every particle removed.
Now move to the little round bars opposite it. Again remove all dirt and rotate to check.
In the end drop the ball back in. Put the ring back and rotate in the direction opposing the arrows.
Put the mouse back on your desk and give it a try!

Good luck with it.

Herman in Holland.


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From: ivan on 11/08/2005
Two things come to mind, first is the mouse settings on your system. If it is set too fast or set to move too far too fast then it will seem to bounce around. Second is that you need a new mouse, they don't cost very much and you should have a back up mouse anyway.


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