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From: Sean on 07/29/2005
The problem I am having is with my girlfriends old HP Omnibook 6000. The laptop crashed before I met her (couldn't even get into safe mode), she lost her resource CD, and of course I told her I could fix it ( Her computer came without a floppy drive so I removed her HD and placed it into my older Gateway model to write zeros to it (w/GWSCAN). That being done, I swapped the HD back into her system, changed the boot order, and installed an XP disk into her CD tray. When I rebooted her system I received the message "Operating System not found".
Confused, i switched the blank HD into my old gateway that is currently running XP (known working BIOS). Amazingly i get the exact same problem. This time however, i noticed the error "PXE-e61: Media test failure check cable". I switched the HD back into the HP and received the same. To make sure that the HD was functioning properly, i ran GWSCAN again to check the HD for errors; full test, 30 min., no problems.
I have done a little research on PXE-e61 and have tried all the fixes that were available. Unfortunatly for both BIOS', i have no option of disabling a network boot. The best that i could do was to put that option last.
I am mainly stumped due to the fact that the boot order is first to boot from the CD/DVD drive, and then to the HD...what am I missing?

thanks to anyone that has ANY input here, this is extremely frustrating

Side note: both BIOS' recognize the HD. Also tried putting in working Gateway XP HD into HP and got only a blinking curser...stumped!!!


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