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 My computer will not power on, when I press " Post a Reply  
From: rach on 06/13/2005
I recently took my computer with me to another location to use. When i was there it worked just fine. I then brought it home and hooked it up and used it, but not at my desk. It worked fine. i then hooked it up at my desk and reconnected everything the way it was before I moved it. It will not power on now. In fact, it wont do anything. I have checked all outside connections, and all seem to be correct. I opened the tower and can not see anything that is obviously wrong, although i don't know enough about the thing so that probably doesnt say much. When I press the power button on the back of the computer the green light on the front of the computer will flash, and it sounds like a small surge, although I am not at home and I can't remember if it happens when I go from on to off, or the other way around. I have no idea what to do to find the problem, and dont want to damage any further by me playing blind, Any suggestions??? Please, HELP!!

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