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 HP Pavilion 7940 Boot Error Post a Reply  
From: Mark on 06/01/2005
I have a HP Pavilion 7940 running Win ME

It rebooted during routine use and now refuses to load Windows. I can get into the Bios Setup, all seems ok.

I have tried a Windows recovery floppy disk, which does nothing, screen just goes blank after Bios. A McAfee Rescue Disk gives me 'Loading Magic Bullet <CR> Bios Read Error x00'.

Have also tried a Knoppix Live CD, which boots from CD-rom but then dies (blank screen) after the boot menu selecting Knoppix.

I can see several possibilities (Bios battery, BIOS corrupted, HDD kapput, etc) but do not know where to start first.

Please help!

Thanks a lot, Mark


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