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From: monika on 05/23/2005
I have a few problems with my Fujitsu Lifebook laptop. I had my computer turned on and using it normally, and in one second I saw a blue screen with some info and a few seconds after it turned to a black page with some other info and then this info (this one stayed and shows all the time just after I turn on computer)
Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

For Realtek RTL8139(X)/8130/810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.12 (010817)
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cabel
Operating system not found

I've read that disabling some things in BIOS could help but I can't get into BIOS. No matter which button I click it only repeats this message. I see no other info on my screen not even for a second, just this.

Do yuo have any idea what else can I do?

Thanks in advence.


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From: Soopie on 04/26/2007
bios access is different on each computer - desktops are typically F2, F10 or delete

make sure your hitting the keys as soon as the computer powers on or you may miss the option to get in, toshibas need the F1 key held down and then the power button pressed.

laptops can be F1, F2, F8, F10, Del or IBMs use the Access IBM button then F1 - check with the manufacturer for the specific model


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From: Soopie on 04/26/2007
that error indicates that the OS cant be found, either there is a hardware malfunction - system board or hdd itself or the boot record is corrupt - run a chkdsk /r off a windows cd

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