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 Error Message: Windows Could Not Upgrade the File Post a Reply  
From: Stella on 04/11/2005
On the computer I'm working on, I'm having a problem....

Every time I try to install a new update I get the following error when
I reboot (this is in the DOS screen before windows starts):
Windows could not upgrade the file %1 to %2

I ran some Google searches and found the following Microsoft document:;EN-US;q283069

I did what it said, but it doesn't work. The wininit.ini file seems to
be created/deleted when the new program is installed. (i.e. Before I
install the update, it doesn't exist. The installation creates it, and
after the computer reboots the file gets deleted.) I ran some tests and
found the it contained directives to rename files before windows
restarts (I'm assuming it's because the files are in use and can't be
renamed while windows is running). Looks something like this:


And that's where I'm at. I'm starting to wonder if the wininit.exe file
was infected with a virus and when Norton fixed it it corrupted the
program. Could you do some research to either validate or refute this
conclusion? Also, if you arrive at the same conclusion, could you do
some further research on how I could fix or restore this executable
(perhaps restore from the original windows me disk)?

Oh yeah, and I can't use the Windows Restore/Rollback option since all
the previous system restore points would have been infected.


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From: Don on 05/01/2005
Sorry but I had the same problem. Seems that you have windows ME and Norton live update is not compatable with this operating ststem on the wininit.ini file. Microsoft tells you to rename it to wininit.old but first you have to locate it. I could not find it any where in the hard drive and ended up re-formating. If you can not fix it any other way you will not be able to install programs or updates.
Sorry but I have been there

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