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From: shawn on 03/27/2005
Operating System : Windows ME
Computer type : Packard Bell computer.
Loaded programs : spysweeper Program Version 3.2.0 (Build 144) Using Spyware Definitions 383

i play a game called runescape located at
eveything is going fine, then i get ERROR: 0E:017F:BFF8E64B and something about a kernal program and exhauted resoures. i have done extensive virus checks, adware checks, and registry cleaners. still the problem persists. any advice:


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From: Lucas on 11/26/2007
This seems to be a video driver failure; although it could be a virus. I found I didn't have current enough drivers to run my card under 1027x760 w/32bit(truecolor) so i just updated my video driver!

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From: shawn on 03/29/2005
problem solved.

i used spybot, tools in advanced mode, and i deleted a few remnants of viruses i found there, also removed a lot of useless shortcuts. install the teatime program, and everything seems ok and my comp is running 200 % better now.


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