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From: Sheila on 03/09/2005
I have the software to install DSL, have the cabeling working fine, the program says it cannot detect a modem. Technical support from SBC tells me that I need to reinstall my network card. Not sure how to do this. I have tried going to Windows Update to download drivers but the screen does not go any further than opening the page. I am currently using AOL 8.0 Dial up.

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From: ComputerSteve on 03/21/2005
DSL modems can be tricky to install, the sequence must go in the right order, Leave your modem on and go to the control panel and uninstall the DSL software. Then shut down. Now disconnect the modem and boot up again. Now we can start again. Read your manual, depending on what OS you have depends on whether you put the modem or the software in first.Just follow it closely in the right order.
If you have win 98 it probably wont find the drivers automatically so when you get to this point"search for better drivers" click on"i will choose location" and click browse and navigate to the disc drive . keep navigating through the disk until you find a folder called Drivers with the OS version you are using, click next etc and it should finish the job. Good Luck

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