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 After instalation windows XP and conect to LAN , f Post a Reply  
From: Miki on 03/06/2005
I instaled many times windows xp , and when i conect to lan for few seconds freeze my PC. I try to change HDD, lan card , cables , memory , ... With windows Me I didn't have problems at same configurations with years.
When i restart PC and disconect pc from LAN , no problems i can work without problems, but when I conect for few seconds comming freezing without any raports ...
Can somebody help me , advice .

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From: ComputerSteve on 03/21/2005
How much RAM do you have? Microsoft says XP needs 128Mb but in reality it should be 256Mb at least since we need to run virus scanners and other programs etc Also, do you have a firewall? If so, and its turned on, make sure the one in Windows is turned off. There is known conflicts there. If that desn't work , try uninstalling your virus scanner and firewall, especially if its Nortons. I have run into problems running the latest Nortons on older computers. Also, you can go to Start, Run, type MSCONFIG in the box then go to "start up" . Uncheck any box NOT related to system functions, such as Microsoft Office, Quicktime, etc There is no need for these to run in the background. They will turn on when theyre required. This will free up more system resources and may help the problem. Its definitely a resources/config problem. Good Luck

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