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From: Scott on 03/05/2005
Everytime I go to run a game or any fullscreen program, the whole screen goes blank for a few seconds, then dims. A red box pops up reading "PC Setting Correct?" the program still runs with sound, but I can't see anything with the box and dimness.
I am using:
HP m70 17" monitor
NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 4000
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
125 Ram

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated


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From: Tim on 04/22/2005
This happened to me when i was trying to play a game. I have win 98. if you have another computer, then figure out a way to adjust the settings (16bit, 32bit etc....) in the properties window. If you don't understand, then do this:

1. Exit all programs so that the opening screen is up. (startup screen)

2. right click your mouse (make sure that it is the center of the screen, just guess where it is.)

3. press the up arrow key and enter

4. press "Tab" 6 times

5. press the Right arrow key 5 times.

6. press "Tab" once more.

7. press the up arrow key, this is changing the colors i would try pressing the up arrow key so that your settings are at 16 colors.

8. press "Tab" five more times

9. press enter (This applies)

10. Press alt-F4 and this exits OR press tab once more and press enter, this selects OK.

restart your computer and it should start in 16 color modes. experiment with it and PLEASE INFORM ME IF THIS WORKS!!!!



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From: Scott on 03/05/2005
Sorry, it might help to note I'm running windows XP as well and that yes, I have updated all drivers.

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