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 Screen Flickers And Crashes After Opening A Video Post a Reply  
From: Eric on 02/22/2005
Hello, i am having a serious problem, when ever i open a video file, (Avi, Mpg, Mov, Asf. etc) my screen flickers on and off and cursor is un moveable, forced to hold power button in and reboot. i scaned with 3 different virus scanners and found nothing, all updated! i also scaned for Spyware with Adaware and found a few but not the problem.... i cant figure out what the problem/fix seems to be... (I also have all the latest codecs too!)

I have a Dell 4600
1256MB RAM
Nividia Geforce FX5200
Pent4 @ 2.66 GhZ

Please Email me with a Solution on how to fix this problem @ (do not reply, email only please)

any help with this annoying problem will be very appreciated!


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From: Eric on 03/24/2005
thanks, anyway i just reformated my HDD, so no more annoying problems like that one...

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From: ComputerSteve on 03/21/2005
It sounds to me like a problem with your media player. I've had various probs like that with Windows media player version 10 that I never used to have with version 9. Anyway, now I use the DIVX player for everything and don't have any probs. Its so true that the more microsoft stuff you uninstall and replace the better your computer runs.Good Luck

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