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 Crashes with Window XP, new Dell 8600, Office 2003 Post a Reply  
From: Christine on 02/12/2005
I have a new Dell Inspiron 8600. It crashes on a regular basis. It seems to crash most often in Office applications, esp when trying to execute the "save as" command. However, it has crashed at other times, including when using Remote Data Connection via Internet Explorer. Accessing the same remote data screen from another computer after the crash brought my remote screen up at the "crash" point and I was able to use the other computer to move on with no problems. When the crash occurs, I do not get an error message. The machine is totally frozen and can only be turned off with the power button and restarted from scratch. Ctrl-ALt-Delete is non responisive.

I have restored the computer to factory settings with complete restore and reinstalled all programs including Office 2003 Professional AFTER deleting Word Perfect which came preinstalled. This was to avoid conflicts between Word Perfect and Office programs. I have deleted the file and had it recreated. I have run the extended diagnostic test on the computer and no errors were found. Once I got a screen which said that the machine was too hot but haven't gotten that screen again. The Dell people are sure that something is corrupted on my Office 2003 CD and say that I should demand a new copy from Microsoft. Yeah, right! Like Microsoft would do that! I did use this copy of Office (purchased about 3wks ago) on a Dell 5160 with no problems. I returned the 5160 b/c I didn't like the screen, weight, fan noise. Little did I know that I would be begging to have it back because at least it worked without continual crashes!

Any ideas? I'm afraid that I am getting no where fast with Dell.


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