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From: Lisa C on 01/08/2005

I have Windows 98SE, a cable connection and use AOL 9.0. Over the last week, every time I sign onto AOL, I lock up after about 3 minutes and then get a blue screen with a fatal exception error: OE 0028: C0031A93. I reinstalled Windows 98SE, during the install, it said there was a duplicate file in the System.INI, the file was VCD. It said to delete it but I haven't yet.

After installing Windows again, I signed onto AOL, after a few minutes, I locked up and this time, a different error came up: OE 0028:C0031B13. I can use Internet Explorer without a problem if I don't have AOL pulled up as well. When I spoke to the people at AOL, they said it was a system error and to do a disc scan and defrag.

When I tried to do either, it never went past 0 % and said that Windows had tried ten times.

I am not a computer person, I have tried everything I know to do and am getting different opinions from different people.

Any suggestions? I need to be able to get to my mail and use AOL but it isn't happening and I would like to be able to defrag or do what I should to maintain my computer.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!



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From: David on 02/04/2005
Can you be a little more specfic on the error ? usually you can expand the error or see more details on the error.


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