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From: Jo on 11/23/2004
Hi, have a PC running WXP Home, with Norton Internet Security. SP1 but not 2. Lately the file d29.exe keeps trying to access the internet, it's really annoying. And I don't know what it is as I can't find any reference to it anywhere on the internet. I haven't got much software on it - I mostly use MS Office and internet/Email because I work from home so don't want to risk clogging the system up with games. I also listen to the radio a lot on it using RealOne. This executable file seems to be in a Windows system folder. I have been blocking it but it could be something that needs to be updated couldn't it? Then again I'm really worried about the issue of spyware as I recently had a big problem with that when someone tried to nick my credit card details. Does anyone know what this is - please advise!
Thanks, Jo.

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