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From: Chris on 11/09/2004
My friends computer runs Win 98 and AOL. She is unable to open any programs that reference this file which is just about everything except explorer. I have tried to delete and replace this file but no luck. However if you go to the most recent file list and click on a document it will open the asscoiated program such as word, excel, etc.

Any suggestions? She is not able to get to the intetnet at all and replacing this file did not seem to do the trick.



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From: Dusty on 12/27/2004
I've been fighting this problem for 2 years. The only solution that has worked for me is a complete re-install of AOL. The problem is with Internet Explorer file corruption. AOL uses IE to do many of its web access. I have tried to run IE repair, but it never seems to correct the wininet.dll problem - only an AOL re-install has fixed my problem and I've had to do it so many times that I always order and keep the latest software CD.

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