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 System Hangs after closing IE6 - Windows'98SE Post a Reply  
From: Robert on 11/07/2004
Everytime I close IE6 my system hangs - the only way out is to push the reset button on the computer.

Operating System : Windows'98 SE

I'm not a computer expert so would appreciate 'laymen' terms !


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From: Dave on 01/03/2005
Hi, I'm having the same problem IE6/W98SE and my system hangs for a few minutes after closing IE6 BUT only if I've had more than one window open. My system will usually recover if I wait a few minutes, sometimes I choose to use the 3 finger salute to open the task manager and close Explorer... but that almost always means having to reboot soon after anyway.

Perhaps someone out there might know why this is happening, I suspect a backdoor program has changed something because running mulitple windows worked fine on this machine for a long time and works fine on my laptop.




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