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From: jane on 11/01/2004
since my 12 yr old necie has been on the computer i have this message at start up and while you are on the computer .if you try to close it you lose your desk top , icons ,,,taskbar with start .
if you leave it opne you can function
however doing a control alt delt is touch and go

if i am able to do that explorer isnt shown in the popup list.
i was able to do scan disk and defrag last weekend

does anyone know why this happen adnif you know how to correctit
i have checked for malware,spyware, and virus

here is the message
any help will be appreciated
and yes it is igfrared , i tried to look something up on it with ni luck,,there was something similiar but not this one.
EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in
module IGFRARED.DLL at 0247:10017d00.
EAX=01427c44 CS=0247 EIP=10017d00 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000000 SS=024f ESP=0141f82c EBP=01427c78
ECX=01427c44 DS=024f ESI=00000003 FS=341f
EDX=00000000 ES=024f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 02 3a 01 75 2e 0a c0 74 26 3a 61 01 75 25 0a
Stack dump:
1000a7ae 00000000 01427c44 bff92d08 00000094 00000000 0000000c 00000008 00000003 00000000 d82be2b0 11d05764 c0006ea9 a205d74f 001c0022 0000010a


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From: marc on 01/03/2005
I encountered same error on gateway windows ME box. It had many worms and virus but the error persisted even after cleaning and reinstalling ME. Finally booted from win2000 cd and installed 2000. This did take care of it but was very frustrating especially after going through regedit. let me know if you figured it out.



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From: jane on 11/01/2004
sorry i should have said it is windows 98se ,outlook express 6

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