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From: Gee on 10/11/2004
Hi Guys, would appreciaite some help/advice on a problem I am having booting into Windows 98se.

Tried cleaning up my PC a few days ago (deleted some games, *.temp files, old documents etc etc) as my PC was running rather slow. Trouble is now, since i have done that I am unable to boot into Windows. There doesnt seem to be a problem with the Hard Disk but during bootup just before it is supposed to kick into Windows I am having a blue screen of death (A Fatal Exception OE has occured at 0167:00000001). Can anyone help with this? It is the same when i try safe mode.

I have tried running a scandisk /all and an error message comes up saying there is not enough free conventional memory to perform a surface scan and it mentions putting some REM's in my Config.sys (this doesnt work) and also mentions EMM386.EXE (not sure what this means?)

I have also tried booting up with the windows bootdisk but this doesnt seem to work either when running from CD (error message - Windows setup requires 'Largest Executable Program Size' to be at least 442368 bytes to run)

Any help will be great guys,



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From: Andrew on 12/03/2004
boot from your win98se cd and do a command prompt with cd drivers loaded, then you can type scandisk and it'll work, as for rem in your config.sys file, just try renaming your config.sys file to something else you might nedd attrib config.sys -r -a -s -h first to unprotect it then rename or delete it.. you dont need it or autoexec.bat which might be causing problems on startup

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