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 explorer has caused an invalid page fault in modu Post a Reply  
From: Rod on 10/09/2004
Guys, I haave searched your FAQs and read the articles also found at MS knowledgebase etc, but I am still having the problem as indicated in the subject field.

I have extracted the cab files from the oem folder c:\windows\options\cabs etc;

I have completed setup /nd to reinstall windows

I have done a scanreg /restore and restored the oldest registry (one I thought I had before the problems occurred - I am limited to 5 at present as I hadn't change the max to keep to anything greater.

I have even (desperation) copied explorer.exe from another machine (obviously to no avail)

Please help


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From: ROD on 10/09/2004
the module is module explorer.exe at 015f:00401f31


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