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From: Betty on 09/18/2004
Hello my name is Betty. My question is what can I do to regain use of my computer. I was downloading aol into my computer system and I accidently tripped and hit some buttons. My computer instantly went blank. When I tried to restart the system DPMS MOde appeared. The only thing my system will do is allow me to go to the opening password. Then it will post welcome to windows. The screen shuts off and goes back to password. It only shows the computer figuration page. It will not allow me to acess any applications or programs. It will not boot up with CD Rom windows 95 eithier. It is a gateway computer and operates windows 95. Is there anyone out there who can give me some help please. I would love to be able to use my computer system again. One customer service rep told me the system was in lock mode and I do not even know how to get it out of lockmode eithier. Thank you in advanced.

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