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 When scrolling down web pages in iexplore.exe the Post a Reply  
From: becky on 06/18/2002
This only happens when I am online, but i can't scroll down using the arrows at the side or by sliding the rectange (you know what I mean!). Is there a problem with the internet explorer prog/the monitor/is there a virus on my system. plz anyone help, it's really frustrating!!

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From: Computerpilot on 06/18/2002
Ok. Here is a list of questions that I would have in this situation. If you can post back and answer them to the best of your knowledge, I will try to give you a solution:

1)What operating system are you using (Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, etc.)?

2)What version of Internet Explorer are you using (v4, v5, v5.5, v6, etc.)? Check this by clicking (in IE)on 'help', then 'About Internet Explorer'.

3)Are you running a virus program (McAfee, Norton, Trend, etc.)?

4)What error message are you getting? Does your computer just 'freeze' and you have to restart to make it work?

5)If you open up a window (like your 'My Documents' and scroll using the arrows, do you get the same problem?

This will get me started. Thanks.


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