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 It all started with error message "Windows co Post a Reply  
From: Doreen on 09/15/2004
After installing a Microsoft Update, my computer was unable to restart and went to a black screen stating "Windows could not upgrade the file %1 from %2 %1:%2".

I tried all the internet solutions that I could try but was unable to do System Restore. Screen just stays with no movement on indicator bar until after hours I finally "X" out of the program. At least an hour later I will get a window pop up telling me that they were unable to restore to an earlier date.

Then my Norton Internet Security suddenly went off on it's own. I tried all day yesterday to work with Symantec tech dept, but couldn't even uninstall Norton to reinstall.

So I went and bought Norton Internet Security 2004 and popped in the CD. Loading began immediately and I restarted computer when prompted and when the Desktop was loaded, I got a window telling me that I have to restart the computer to complete Installation.

So, I think my original problem is the Windows can not upgrade?

Any ideas?



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From: on 09/17/2004
solve all your problems with the pro's

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From: Rich on 09/17/2004
There are times when a Norton product can be worse than the problems it is trying to prevent. Norton is notoriously hard to uninstall, it leaves stuff all over your hard drive and creates all manner of problems when partially uninstalled. So, I think you have 2 problems. Microsoft update somehow garbled the state of your machine and the Norton uninstall went bad creating its own set of problems. I would try update again and see if it will complete successfully. If so, the Norton website has some tools and hints on how to manually remove all traces of Norton. Should the update fail again, if you have a full backup, now is the time to restore it. If not, second best solution is to back up all the data you can and format the HD and reinstall everything. Then use AVG for virus protection. Free, effective and doesn't attach itself to your OS like an octopus.

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