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 How can I remove all windows xp components and jus Post a Reply  
From: barbara on 09/13/2004
Several months ago I tried upgrading my os from windows 98 to windows xp. During the setup, I got to a window that said that I did not have enough partition space and there was not enough unpartitioned space to create a new partition.

I have been unable to totally remove windows xp from my C drive so when I start my computer I end up with a kind of double boot. (I have to highlight a choice to boot up in windows 98.)

My computer has been highly unstable every since. I am at a point where I need to clean up my computer and I have been trying to provide myself with futher security, be able to print again, stop "leaking" memory and freezing/crashing all the time.

I can't afford a new computer right now and this is driving me nuts.

I need to having a working machine.

Any help will be appreciated.



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From: billgateshater on 02/23/2005
How can you format the dirve? Windows doesnt let you. Windows is a virus.

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From: Rich on 09/13/2004
I'm afraid, based on your description of the problem, that the best resort is to reformat your hard drive and do a clean reinstall of Windows 98.

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