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 0xC0000005 exceptions with iexplore v6 and explore Post a Reply  
From: Robin on 09/07/2004

I getting a lot of 0xC0000005 exceptions since some time. It started with Internet explore and later it noticed it also in Windows explore. For some reason the file search feature in Win explore doesn't work also anymore (Zone Alert popped up the first time I selected the search option).


- Starting Internet Explore results in an 0xC0000005 exception
- Start WinXP explore, browse to the C drive and press the Back button --> 0xC0000005 exeception
- File Searching with WinXP explore doesn't work (recht mouse button -> Search). No reaction at all.

I have tries system recovery by restoring to a point I know everthing was fine (clean store point after a clean install), but did'n help.
Starting in Safe mode doesn't help also.
I have removed the Zone Alert and AVG antivirus program, but this didn't make a difference.

I hope someone can help with this issue.
Thanks in advance and best regards,
Robin (

System info:
Intel P3 500Mhz
192Mb SDRAM (64 + 128)
Windows firewall enabled
Programmes installed:
MS OfficeXP
Neroburning ROM 6
AVG Antivirus
Zone Alert


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From: mike on 01/08/2005
Robin .... did you ever find out the problem? I'm stuck with the same issue. molifir@comcast or

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