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From: Tom on 09/05/2004

i just recently built a new computer. Almost immediately after i got my machine up and running, i started having blue screen errors when playing video intensive games, such as ut2004. These errors never occurred anywhere else, and the error only occurred on average, once in five hours of play. This didn't really irk me, because it crashed very infrequently. The crash screen was blue, and had writing on it, but the writing was unreadable. I thought i recognized one or two words, but on the most part it looked as if it was written in spanish.

When i installed warcraft 3, i started getting crash errors about once in every 20 minutes of play. The same blue screen error appeared. Since then, i have tried:

Installing old versions of drivers
Installing different versions of drivers
Formatting the hard drive, and installing the up to date version of drivers.
Re-Seating the video card
changing monitor input from DVI to Analog. This caused the blue screen to be blank, instead of having strange writing.
Installing ATI Utility. This allowed me to make a crash log of one of the times the video card crashed.
Updating Chipset Drivers
Windows Updates, Service pack 2, Windows approved ATI Drivers.
Memtest 86, no erroneous memory
Hard drive diagnostic, no hard drive problems.

none of this has worked. Anyone have ANY idea what might be wrong?

here's my system specs:

AMD Athlon64 3500+ socket 939
Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 MoBo
ATI 9800 Pro 256 Meg Video Card
WD Raptor 37.4 Gig 10000 RPM Hard Drive
1 Gig Corsair dual channel Ram

any help is appreciated.


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