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 mcafee upgrade causes application violation Post a Reply  
From: david on 07/14/2004
recently upgraded mcaffee and now get

Application exception occurred:
App: winlogon.exe (pid=196)
When: 3/22/2004 @ 12:04:11.093
Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

*----> System Information <----*
Computer Name: xxxxxx
User Name: SYSTEM
Number of Processors: 1
Processor Type: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4
Windows 2000 Version: 5.0
Current Build: 2195
Service Pack: 4
Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
Registered Organization: xxx
Registered Owner: xxx

*----> Task List <----*
0 Idle.exe
8 System.exe
176 SMSS.exe
200 CSRSS.exe
196 WINLOGON.exe
248 SERVICES.exe
260 LSASS.exe
420 svchost.exe
460 svchost.exe
512 spoolsv.exe
880 regsvc.exe
892 r_server.exe
912 mstask.exe
976 stunnel-4.04.ex.exe
1008 WinMgmt.exe
1024 WinVNC.exe
1040 wm.exe
1052 svchost.exe
1620 FrameworkServic.exe
716 naPrdMgr.exe
1272 VsTskMgr.exe
760 Mcshield.exe
740 nalntsrv.exe

anyhelp would be appreciated

616 DRWTSN32.exe
0 _Total.exe


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--- Replies to this Problem ---
From: Rafael on 08/16/2005
Yeah, that sucks. Both McAfee and Microsoft point the finger at each other.

Here is the resolution for the issue related to the program known as drwtsn32.exe.

You have several options.

Unistall McAfee Privacy serivce or,

Revert your computer, using msconfig; go to start, type msconfig, and run, allows you to go to the point before the problems began, or,

do not install the McAfee Privacy upgrade, as this instigates the drwtsn32.exe file.

Hope this helps. It resolves the issue.

You want to know what is even more funnier than dealing with this crap.

Is that when I brought this to the attention of both McAfee and Microsoft, both of them claimed I am the first and only person complaining about this problem.



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