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 aol9 boots when try and run online antivirus help? Post a Reply  
From: kev on 07/12/2004
hi all. got win xp and aol9 (yes i know but im used to it) just reformatted system as was getting booted every 2 mins.
seems more stable now but when i try to run an online virus scan i get booted...also get error message

*** GPF Data ***

Error C0000005 occurred in module as.dll at address 0D5519B4

Stack Trace:
0 : as.dll + 0x19b4 (0x0d5519b4) 0001:000009b4
1 : as.dll + 0x1dc5 (0x0d551dc5) 0001:00000dc5
2 : as.dll + 0x13be (0x0d5513be) 0001:000003be
3 : as.dll + 0x5ca8 (0x0d555ca8) 0001:00004ca8
4 : kernel32.dll + 0x1d33b (0x77e7d33b) 0001:0001c33b

**** End GPF Data ****

so any ideas anyone?


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