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 MotiveDirectory causes PC to freeze and limited us Post a Reply  
From: Lisa on 07/05/2004
Yesterday my machine crashed for no reason other than I was on the internet. When I rebooted the machine I got an error that said:MOTIVEDIRECTORY caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f:bff7b992.

There appears to be a bigger problem as whenever I click on my IE icon, the PC freezes. Clicking on myComputer, My Network Places, My Documents also causes it to freeze. If I access a file via the start menu it freezes.

However I can access files on my desk top, as well as applications such as word, excel via the desktop and start menu. The printer is working as well.

Help this is driving me mad!!


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From: Lisa on 04/27/2007
I'm having the same probelm, did anyone ever find the answer?

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From: steve on 03/01/2005
Hi Lisa
Did you get a reply when your PC was freezing and saying "Motive Directory"

Please Please please reply if you did as its also driving me mad



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