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 exception OE has occured at 0028:c000BDDE in VxD Post a Reply  
From: Alex on 06/22/2004
I get this message everytime i try to start up my laptop. It is a HP on Millennium Edition. The message is on a blue error screen and ends saying that it may be possible to still start up, press any key to continue. So i press any key and sometimes it goes to safe mode screen, but then restarts itself and goes back to 'exception' page, and sometimes it brings up another blue screen saying there was a fatal error you must restart. The computer doesnt respond to anything then and i have to unplug.
I have read the other posts similar to this but i cant even load the computer to access it. Please help me!!!

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From: joan on 03/08/2005
Microsoft has a slution for the problem. I found it used it and sort of worked. It implies editing the registry and entering a new key and values.

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From: Nathalie on 02/28/2005
I 've got the same pb as described in your message.
Please, can you say me what you did to resolve the pb?
(I can't start windows in safe mode... I tried to re-install Windows millenium but the installation had stopped... I don't know what to do!)

Thank you,
Here is my email :


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