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 Unhandled exception eudora 0x00000000 cant be read Post a Reply  
From: Fernando on 06/21/2004
Every thing was fine but out of the thin air eudora started not to start anymore. Just after it is opened a log execption file is written and it crashes. I've already tried to reinstall Eudora ( 6 and 6.1 ) several times as well as clean the registry.
A warning says "instruction "0x6370044d" referred to memory at "0x00000000". Memory cant be read " and just after : Instruction "0x6c2d5115" referred to memory at "0x00000004". Memory cant be read.
What could i do ??
Please help me !!
Thanks a lot friends!!

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From: J on 06/23/2004
I got a new Dell system and installed the latest Eudora Pro. It worked for awhile, then started crashing, then would not start -- giving an unhandled exception error -- related to ntdll.dll. My solution was to remove Norton Internet Security. I removed all of NIS rather than try to isolate a component. I also had to manually delete the Symantec shared files that uninstall failed to remove. Reinstalled Eudora after removing NIS. Hint: look under Tools to make there that the Norton anti-spam items are gone from Eudora. Now, I just have a problem with address books changes not being saved, or being corrupted.

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