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 FATAL 0E at 028:00000009 Post a Reply  
From: Andrew on 06/08/2004
This occurs when I go to restart. Once I hit enter it then goes to a black screen with horizontal white lines and a flashing cursor low on the screen somwhere. I hit enter again and it goes black and keyboard is locked out.


I have use PC BUG DOCTOR, PCRXonCall, Win Tasks pro 4.45 and I am stumped.



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From: anon computer guy on 07/19/2005
I am so glad I was able to find this page! I'm trying it on another computer. No one else has any solutions to this problem! I'll let you know if it works.

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From: jlh on 06/10/2004
...error krnl386.exe 0001:000075a2
Go to safe mode and go to
start accessory system tools and run check system files
you'll find dammaged files just replace with the same ones
it shoud work

for next error 0028:00000003 and 0167:xxxxxxxx
uninstall softwares that can use the last drive or any app. you installed.

second ,and it take to me some time to find it, run doctor watson and see in kernel drivers (only in the windows/system/iosubsys folder), the ones coorresponding to the softwares you delete before. take theses "*.vxd" files to another folder in case you will need them. For file that that are in double one whith *.bak and *.vxd, rename the .bak to .vxd
then run scanreg fix to delete invalid links

I hope you understand my poor english and may be this will help you,


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