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From: Georges on 06/08/2004

I'am running AOL 9.0. My computer crashed for an unknown reason and when I rebooted it, the broadband driver was desinstalled. I tried to reinstall the driver (BT Voyager 100) but I have that window which comes up all the time:

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\DOCUMENTS\G\LOCALS\Temp\GsiInst.exe
abnormal program termination

Impossible to reinstall the driver grihhh......
I would very much appreciate any help



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From: elbeardo69 on 02/07/2007

Installing the drivers from my Ext2 mounted drives.. ERROR..

Installing the drivers from my FAT32 mounted drives.. ERROR (cannot find inf files etc)



Installing the drivers from my NTFS mounted drive.. .. :-D


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From: Bruce Leroy on 03/08/2006
Go to BT to download the new drivers with a patch on here:

When you've finished, this should have fixed the GsiInst.exe problem.

Try re-installing the AOL drivers from here:

It shouldn't come up with the errors any more and install the new AOL drivers.

Hope this helps!

Bruce Leroy: The Last Dragon


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From: Ed, on 04/25/2005
I have exactly the same problem.

I recently obtained a copy of Windows XP (SP2) from Microsoft and repaired my installation using their disk so Windows should be ok.

However trying to re-install the modem drivers I downloaded from the AOL website (and the BT website) I still get the same error message.

Did anyone have any luck solving this one ?


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From: Craig on 01/14/2005
I have the same error, mainly happens when updating AOL or the modem Drivers for BT Voyager 100. AOL won't help, they say its a Windows error and they can't help. Anyone got any ideas?

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From: Claude on 06/30/2004
..I have exatly the same prolem,..if anyone can help us.....would be very kind.....hey Georges,..if you find the solution for the first,..please write me to my mail: ,..many thanks...and ..good luck..........Claude

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