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 Internet Explorer 6 & Outlook Express on 98SE Post a Reply  
From: Anne on 06/06/2004
Has anyone had this problem and if so can someone help solve it.
I thought my keyboard was acting up when everytime I hit the spacebar when typing an email it would then try to, or it would close the mail. Next I discovered everytime I hit the spacebar when typing words into Explorer browser it would clear the bar, but when I typed in word pad, word, or notepad it worked fine so I guess this is an Internet Explorer malfunction. The only thing that is happening in the notepad programme is when I hit the delete key it inserts a semi colon to the left of the letter I have deleted, and the cursor.
On some websites I get the same problem and on others it works fine. This site is ok I have managed to type this thread normally.
can anyone help please this is driving me nuts. I've tried re downloading IE6 over the top of the existing one but it hasn't made any difference, I have gone back to previous version and it still hasn't got rid of the problem. My computer is an HP brio, O/S is 98SE, My system is virus free, I have run a complete scan disc, nothing seems to work. I don't have a 98SE disc, it was already installed on pc when new, I only have a system recovery disc.
I am pretty much a novice so can anyone offering help please make it easy to follow, step by step.
Thanks very much.


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