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From: saurabh on 06/02/2004
PROBLEM 1:the following error appeared while trying to launch norton antivirus:

"this application has failed to start because MSVCP70.dll was not found.RE installing it may fix the problem."

i used the antivirus the previous day before and now this problem comes.also i installed msvcp70.dll but another error comes for there a virus.

PROBLEM 2:also while updating windows xp a new problem came.while starting windows in normal mode progress bar appeared and vanished after a few seconds and this continued indefinitely.also when it was tried to repair a blue screen appeared saying:
if you are seeing this screen for the first time restart your computer and if this appears again check for viruses and hard disk drives etc, and then restart.

on restarting the error appeared again.and then windows was reinstalled.



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