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From: Andy on 05/27/2004
I have an asus 1.2g processor, an Audigy LS soundcard, an ATI 8500 video card, and 512 DDR ram. I also have a fan on the side of my computer, processor fan, fan on ATI card, and power supply fan.

I was given by my brother the 512 DDR, but I don't think the problem lies here. I was also given the ATI 8500 video card by my brother to replace my GForce 3 64 bit, since he got the ATI 9800. My computer began freezing at random times, and so I used driver cleaner to remove all the Nvidia drivers from my computer. Since then my computer will freeze if I leave it sitting for a while, lets say 2 hours or so. My CPU temperature is quite high, stays around 53C, and my mother board temp is also fairly high, around 35C. My bro used Polar Ice, or something like that, grease when replacing the CPU fan, because my old one wasn't moving air at all. I never looked at the temp before we replaced the fan. What can I do to get my temperature down? Is the temp the reason my computer keeps freeaing? Or could it be the drivers? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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From: NN on 06/21/2004
Hey Andy,

please if you know any fix for this ,let me know

i'd really really appreciate



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