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 1. How to revert to only one user on windows 98? Post a Reply  
From: Sphilili on 05/21/2004

PC W'98 2

1. Tried adding another user to windows and decided I didn't need it.

Went back and deleted user id. Now, every time I long on, the user id thang comes up, asking for password. I click it off and machine loads fine except, it won't allow me to save my password for isp connection.

Used to be able to push "on" button and puter would boot and connect to internet and have mail ready to read. Doesn't do it now since I fooled with user area.

How can I tell windows again that there is only one user?

2. My toolbar (the one listing the time of day) is too big. All of norton icons are listed there. Couldn't find a way to take them off without closing programs. Is there a way to do it?

Thank you. sphilili


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