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From: lillie on 05/18/2004

When I try to cut and paste part of a Word doc in Winword 2000 (op system Windows 2000 Prof.,) and insert it into another place within the document, I can cut it but not insert it. This feature seems to be greyed out and seems to be specific to Word. Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks so much to the person who gave the hint about removing printers to solve the closing down of Word and Excel - a life saver!!


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From: Mike on 06/03/2004
Its a long shot but try pasting into notepad first. Notepad strips off all formatting and leaves the bare text. Its very useful for fixing glitchy word docs. Down side is all the formating is gone, but at least you don't have to retype it.

It will also show hidden or fragmented text.


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