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 my computer crashes when i play games Post a Reply  
From: harry on 05/14/2004
it started off the computer just crashed when it felt like it i found out it was sasser E virus so i removed the virus and scanned my computer 2 times over and nothing was found so the computer was fine
so i start running my game then afew seconds later it crashes, it also crashes if a program is run like a virus scanner or any program.
i think it maybe heat related but i dont know how to go about fixing
anything like that

thank you for any help you can offer

i am running

Winddows XP
900MHz processor
Nvidia geforce 2
(any other info you may need just ask this is my first post like this so i dont know what you may need to know)


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From: NN on 06/21/2004
Hey Harry,

i have a similar problem, but my system crashes frequently like every 10 or 15 mins and when i try to use any audio or video
initially i thought it has something to do with the CPU heating up
so i installed a fanio(fangui) which controls my fan speeds
but i see no change at all.
most probably i has something to do with Nvidia drivers.

so any ideas or new info please share it with me
i'd really appreciate that



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