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 Wnscpsu,msgsrv32,0E192BFF9DFFF HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Post a Reply  
From: Jessie on 05/06/2004
I am going in sane trying to fix this! Maybe one of you can help. So here's the problem:
I turn on the computer and it loads just fine. AIM works just fine BTW. I have DSL. I click on internet explorer and the little icon comes up to say "its loading" then dissapears. It seems to have stopped. I Ctrl+alt+del to see what happened and it says that wnscpsu is not responding. I end task it and in doing so it makes "msgsrv32" not respond which in turn freezes my whole computer. IF I try to click on anything I get fatal error: 0E:0197BFF9DFFF. I have run multiple virus scans. I have run ad-aware, norton windoctor and norton everything else. I have tried multiple things, none of which seem to work and end up crashing my computer. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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