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From: skylee on 05/01/2004
My F1 (setup ) settings were changed somehow. When I turn on my pc, or reboot, the message "Error Level 100" appears. The hard drive ( C) and CD ROM drive are also not found please help me out of this one. I have a Packard Bell w/ Windows 95 PC without internet access.

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From: Jase on 05/03/2004

See if you can pop out the CMOS battery for 20 mins and then replace it with a new one (CR2032 3.0 V) ,(Ground your self to the PC's case first to rid your self of ESD) also when you have done this, you need to set the time and date, and also set the BIOS to default settings, when you do this check that the BIOS see's the drives on the IDE channels,

What I am trying to achieve is to reset the BIOS so it can see the Drives again.

There is little information on error level 100, but if this won't work give us a shout on



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