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From: Rick on 05/01/2004
At startup, It says these files are missing,HELP!

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From: Jase on 05/03/2004
These 2 Dll files are not available quite easly, When your system boots if its (W2K/XP) you need to do this...

Go to CMD prompt and type in "Regsvr32 SEE22.DLL" and
"Regsvr32 STLBUPDT.DLL" Don't add the quotes, if these Dll files are added to the registry correctly then you are sorted, if not then you need to find out what application uses these 2 files, If they are being used by a program that starts automatically when windows loads then uncheck all that is in MSCONFIG/Startup and reboot, if the error message goes away then select one program from the MSCONFIG/Startup tab and reboot until the problem re-appears, when it does you need to uninstall that application and re install it.

If you are using windows 98/ME then ignore CMD and do the latter half by re-installing the application.



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