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 aol 9.0 optimized is messing up Post a Reply  
From: Matthew on 04/18/2004
I have downloaded AOL 9.0 optimized within the past year and it is giving me many problems.

Whenever I am in the middle of a conversation with friend(s) it always reboots and I loose the conversation or whatever I am working on at the time ( school, social, etc.)

Another problem is the speed reduction as with web pages. An example would be when I go to it is alright for about three seconds then it automatically freezes for about 2-10 minutes/ this also messes with my conversations.

Do I need to uninstall AOL?
Do I need to let my computer rest for a couple days?

I am thirteen and not really a "techy" per say so I am wandering aimlessly with this problem.

If anyone out there has a solution please post it on here or send me a e-mail to

Your response is greatly appreciated


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From: gina on 05/22/2004
yes uninstall thats what im trying to do

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