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 MotiveDirectory page fault and Outlook Express and Post a Reply  
From: Kay on 04/12/2004
I'm using Win98 and recently installed SBC DSL. Now when I boot up I get the error message, "MOTIVEDIRECTORY caused an invalid page fault in module ARHOOK32.DLL at 0177:5800896b." I've spoken with SBC tech support twice and their final solution was an offer to uninstall all their software to see if I still get the same error. I'm not going to let them do that just yet! I deleted the Motive Directory from my Program Files directory and found that Outlook Express opens but won't download emails. So I've isolated the problem to Motive Software and Outlook Express I think.

I emailed with Motive Software tech support and they say I must get help from my broadband supplier, who is SBC. Yeah, right,

I've followed all the directions in your posts that seemed relevant, and checked the version of my Oleaut32.dll file. It wasn't one of the problem ones. I don't have any HP software on my pc.

Can you help?


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