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From: Joseph on 06/24/2002
WIN 98 SE PII 333 Mz 578MB Ram was in full working order.

Opened box, replaced the old CD unit with a new unit, closed the box fired up the pc runs through the ram goes past the CD then comes up with this message.

Regardless of the keyboard being plugged in or not.

Conflict I/O Port:278
Keyboard is locked out Unlock Key

If the Keyboard is not plugged in it also states that the Keyboard is not present.

I tried unpluging everything including the new CD unit but still get the same error.

Please help


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From: Computerpilot on 06/24/2002
Try putting your old CDROM back into the computer to see if you get the same error. You probably will not. Oh, and make sure you plug in your Keyboard when you try this.

If it does not, then you probably have more serious issues. You can post back and I will have a longer solution for you.

If the old one does work, then you need to adjust your IO Port setting in your bios to get rid of the conflict. As an easier method, you might try moving the new CDROM from your current cable to the other (Secondary to primary, for example). I don't believe that this will work, but you can try it. Remember to check your jumpers!

Let me know if you need aditional help.


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