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 ibm thinkpad 570 wont accept any o/s Post a Reply  
From: shell on 04/06/2004
can any1 help i got a ibm thinkpad 570 today( second hand) was s'posed to b ok and working, it had no o/s on it so i put 98 on it then when it restarted it said "operating system not found" so tried again and same again, then tried to put ME on it, after restart did same again, then after 3 goes got annoyed and stuck xp on it, it seemed to b ok started up and was having a play with it, then i took the xp cd out turned it off and have just turned it back on to have another play and it says "no operating systen found" AGAIN i am getting really annoyed with it now, any idea's any1 please???

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From: James on 02/27/2007
I have the same problem. with a Thinkpad 570 model 2644
Small disk "original IBM 6.3G" has 98 on it which boots.
Have tried to install 98, 98second edition, and Windows 2000.
On a larger hard disk.
On first boot after setup/winnt windows fails to boot.
"Invalid system disk.\n Replace the disk, and then press any key"
If I move drive to another PC .. Setup 98/2000 continues.
If I sys a: c: on another PC to make it boot to 98se dos.
Then put the drive back in to TP570 it will boot to dos again.
but another install on 98 or Windows 2000 causes same problem.
Have loaded smartdrv.exe before installs.
Have also run chkdsk. as well as fdisk /mbr.
Have tried 2,4,6, and 8 gbyte primary partitions.
But size of primary partition has no effect on windows not installing

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