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From: sunob on 03/19/2004
Coolpro.exe has generated errors........error log being created.

reinstalled, upgraded, virusscanned, cleansweep, registry scan, nuthin, I NEED this program i dont want to have to buy the re-release of Adobe audition (adobe owns cool edit now and they call it audition) cuz i dont want to spend all that money again to have it just crash. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.


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From: Fernando.R. on 04/16/2004

if you read this:
raqun says:

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2004 9:46 pm Post subject:


I already got it..apparantly if you update windows with service pack 4 :adobe auditions or cooledit greater than 2000 doesn't work..there are some websites that have a patch for this problem, but i tryed that first and it din't work either...then i tried reinstalling win 2000 and i didn't install any updates..just cooledit...and to my surprise it also works with all service packs lower than 4..i'm thinking of getting mac in the future..but i don't have enough money to aford it yet...this sux, cause unupdated windows don't work very well..BTW on adobe websites they don't have any information on this error..also not on microsoft, so if anyone else has this problem, don't try to fix it now, cause i already wasted a lot of time..wait for some propper patch.

peace, raq


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