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 Gainward FX5900 Ultra XP VIVO Shutting down pc whi Post a Reply  
From: Brian on 03/16/2004
My problem is since i installed the FX5900, my PC is being powered off completely whenever i play any 3D game for a few minutes, i've turned down the settings from enhanced to safe mode with gainwards expert tool, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference, i never had this problem with my FX5600, i contacted gainward and they suggested it was my PSU at fault, so i changed it, i originally had a generic 400 watt PSU, (now i have a 550watt) however this has not made any difference whatsoever, and it's getting really frustrating, any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated, thanks. I have an Intel P4 2.533ghz cpu, Intel 845EPro mobo, 2x512mb pc3200 ddr, 4x120gb Maxtor HDD's, 1x160gb Maxtor HDD, all with 8mb cache, Liteon DVD-rom, Sony DRU500A DVD+/-RW, Soundblaster Audigy, and Gainward Geforce FX5900 Ultra/XP VIVO 128mb, Q-Tec 550watt Dual Fan Gold PSU.

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From: shane on 08/20/2004
i also have 5900 pro card and my computer is a 2800 amd and 512 ram.
ive had the exact same problem. restarts computer while playing online or some games, while other games with more demanding grapics can run for hours. castle wolfenstein crashes every time within 15 min and compuert turns off. have no idea why either. replaced 350 power supp w/4oo and still same problems.

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