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 WinWord keeps crashing ,access violation (VBE6.DLL Post a Reply  
From: Leandra on 03/10/2004

I use WinWord XP and Windows XP, I created a macro toolbar with some code in a Everytime I run it WinWord has to close and of course send an error report to Microsoft.What bothers me is that I know code is correct I've used it before and yesterday it was working fine up to a point, the error I get when I debug is:

Unhandled exception in WINWORD.EXE(VBE6.DLL):0x0000005: Access Violation.

Also when you reopen the the document is nr 2 and then document3 and so forth. So something is not closing?

Has anyone else had this problem?


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From: NÚstor on 01/05/2005
you have register dll file


c:\xxx\xxx\xxxx\vbe6.dll regsvr32.exe


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