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From: Bob on 03/09/2004
I cannot tell you how much your assistance would be appreciated for helping us with this problem. We have a 3-year-old IBM Aptiva computer with Windows 98. Over the last few days, all of our programs get shut down at some point, including Internet connection (AOL). We spend a lot of time rebooting, but the problems continue, and may be getting a little worse. We have been experiencing the following error message:

Fatal Error. OE has occurred at 0028:C000BD89 in VXD VMM (07) + 0000AD89.

It also says we are running "out of resources."

If it helps, we had to replace our monitor about one month ago. The first one was not compatible and we had to return it. A new one has been in use for a little over a week. We also just loaded an updated version of Norton Anti-Virus, which we do every year (we do not have success downloading it, so we buy a new one and get the rebate). We have also been using a new mouse, but it has been a couple of months since that was changed. We have deleted all unnecessary files and programs, and changed the graphics settings. No help.

Please give us an idea of what this may be. If there is no specific answer, could you at least let us know if it is probably a hardware or a software problem. We have time left on our warranty and would like to know this before we take it in.

Thank you so much for your time and energy.


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From: Beamuse on 03/21/2004
Your problem could be overheating. I have had this problem twice - once my cpu fan failed and I got all kinds of errors messages, freezing and programs not running properly. I went as far as wiping my drive before I clued into the real problem. Fan replaced and all ran perfectly again.

The second time, I purchased a stand for my cpu which did not allow enough airflow around the cpu vents. The computer was freezing and I was rebooting constantly. Because I had just got a new computer and now had XP, I pondered whether perhaps the hardware or software that came with the purchase was faulty. But, no..again it was an overheating problem.

Hope this helps


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